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As well as the ‘headline’ features of a washroom - basins, cubicles, vanity shelves, lighting, etc – the functionality of seemingly minor details are important to creating a clean, comfortable, welcoming environment.

‘Quality ventilation’ might not register highest on most restroom wish-lists, but its role shouldn’t be down played when it comes to matters of hygiene.

Ventilation enables continued air circulation; paramount for washrooms which are often secluded and prevent alfresco airflow. In such areas, damp and moisture is an inevitability, which is potentially harmful to the building’s fabric and an incubator for germs, particularly in winter, the wettest season. Regulated air prevents damp and condensation forming to help uphold a washroom’s health and safety standards.

Washroom specialists for more than 30 years, Interfix is skilled at developing bespoke solutions for a range of sanitary projects. It includes devising ventilation systems to suit a client’s precise requirements. One school, for instance, needed to clampdown on students smoking in toilets. It led to Interfix creating an innovative solution that involved installing a smoke detector in an extractor system positioned above the cubicles. As an additional modification, a light was affixed above the toilet’s entrance. This alerted staff to the presence of someone smoking on the inside and proved very effective in stamping-out the problem.

The company’s creative expertise was also put to use in a shopping centre area for ‘mothers and toddlers’. The indoor rest facility contained a soiled nappy bin, which thanks to the ingenuity of Interfix’s engineers, was fitted with an extractor fan to vacuum unwanted smells. 

Ventilation systems are not only essential for maintaining indoor air quality, they are also useful as a noise suppressor. How shall we put this delicately? Toilet cubicles, although very good at upholding a user’s visual privacy, are by no means soundproof. It means a ventilator’s audible hum can prove quite useful in concealing noises being expelled quite naturally by nature’s call. Indeed, government guidelines advise the use of ventilation systems in toilet and washroom areas for that very reason - as a modulator of our modesty, as much as our air. 

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