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Picture this image in your mind: the echo of water droplets ricocheting around a basin; paper towels strewn all over the floor; flimsy cubicle doors. All of these factors create uninviting and eerie washroom environments which deter school students from using toilets. Combining these factors with the statistic that a whopping 43% of children fear harassment in school bathrooms; how can washroom safety be improved so young people feel at ease when using bathroom facilities?



Washrooms should be designed to curb anti-social behaviour; where designers can utilise clever techniques to create positive and comfortable facilities available for everyone to use with confidence. Unisex toilets are growing in popularity, in part because the neutral environment has the ability to prevent same-sex confrontation and bullying which are huge concerns in schools. Maintaining privacy without compromising on safety is crucial in these toilets, whereby products such as floor to ceiling doors are the perfect solution for designing private, secure spaces.


Designers draw on colour psychology to create aesthetically-pleasing washroom spaces. Strong use of colour is a key consideration when designing washrooms, as it has a strong impact on the students’ comfort levels plus their health and wellbeing. As colour shapes our mood, warm and light shades are preferential when decorating washrooms for schoolchildren. Fun and engaging prints are additional design motifs which can be employed to ensure students feel relaxed when using the facilities.


Selecting the right products for the right environment is critical, particularly when choosing washroom products for certain age groups. Emergency door releases should feature in early-years bathrooms just in case young children require assistance. Safety is paramount to ensuring children are not intimidated by washrooms; if a child feels as if a toilet is too claustrophobic, or has a fear of entrapment, knowing the door can be opened in an emergency is a considerable reassurance. Using washroom facilities is a natural life course, so it is imperative that children are put at ease in these situations.


Minimising the spread of germs is critical in school washrooms. Sensor-operated taps not only prevent water waste, they hinder the transmittance of germs from inadequately washed hands to taps. Washtroughs are another solution to control hygiene levels and potential flooding; as blocked sinks full of water are breeding grounds for nasty bacteria – and are also a huge drain on a school’s water resources!

Great supplier

Selecting a supplier who understands the ins and outs of washroom safety is paramount to crafting a secure yet sophisticated bathroom space. Companies including Interfix collaborate closely with clients to achieve the best design solutions, assuring complete child security and comfort in washroom spaces. 

These five trends should help to conceptualise how safe washroom facilities can be made. The design, the colour and the product all matter; creating the best washroom needn’t be a chore, it can be a rewarding process which produces risk-free and safe environments that children feel happy to use.


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