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Global Days Encouraging Water to Be Saved

This week marks the third annual Water Saving Week which also coincides with World Water Day, taking place on Wednesday 22nd March. The theme for World Water Day this year is “wastewater”. Every day during Water Saving Week a different theme will be explored focusing on saving water in a particular area such as at work or at school. 

From toilets and urinals to taps and wash basins, almost every component of a washroom will use water. It is therefore important at Interfix that we keep up to date with new and improved ways of saving water in the washroom environment. Whether we are refurbishing an offices washroom or designing a new washroom for a primary school we will do our upmost to ensure as little water as possible is wasted once the washroom is completed and being used on a daily basis.  

When we undertook the refurbishment and installation of a new washroom at global advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty we installed Alavo units with integrated sensor taps to ensure water is only flowing from taps when needed. This simple measure can save up to 70% on water conservation. A dripping tap can waste between 300ml and 1litre of water an hour. This is not an issue with sensor taps as they are unable to be left running. Installing sensor taps also removes the worry of taps being left on and water wastefully going down the drain.

Whilst working on our recent project at Priory Shopping Centre we specified and installed waterless urinals to reduce the amount of water used. Waterless urinals look exactly the same as standard urinals but they have no pipe for water intake. The urinal drains by gravity and the outflow pipes connect to a building’s conventional plumbing system. There is usually a specially designed trap chamber in the urinal that will be filled with sealant to ensure the waste is sent down the drain cleanly. On average by installing a waterless urinal in a workplace or school with 30-50 urinal users, 45,000 gallons (about 170,000 litres) of water can be saved a year.

Water can also be saved by specifying and installing dual flush WC cisterns. Rather than a one flush fits all approach the dual flush function has two options, a smaller button for liquid waste and a larger button for solid waste. The trapway is also slightly reduced in size on modern WC pans which means the same size flush will have more impact and clean the bowl efficiently.

With water conservation becoming more and more important it is crucial that we are aware of, and implement simple water saving techniques in schools, workplaces and public spaces. Find out more about Water Saving Week and World Water Day via their websites. 

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