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Making the grade on safe and secure washrooms is an easier task than you might think. With enough planning and consideration, your school’s toilets can be transformed from something that belongs in a horror film, to state-of-the-art facilities even the most prestigious of bathroom-specialists would love.

To get you started, here’s a quick list outlining the important factors to consider when designing A* school washrooms:

Sensor taps & flushes

Incorporating energy-efficiency and elegant design, sensor-operated taps are a great alternative to conventional taps. Sensor taps save half the amount of water produced by traditional basin taps, conserving water and therefore saving costs to your school. The in-built sensory technology provides you with the freedom to set the water temperature and flow to whatever setting desirable.

Furthermore, sensor-operated taps require no hand-contact or interaction, meaning the transmission of bacteria is kept to an absolute minimum. Flushes perform in the same way; cracking down on the spread of bacteria from toilet flush, to tap, to potentially the rest of the school.

External door lock releases

Most young children rarely get into the habit of locking toilet doors; mostly because they feel afraid of finding themselves locked in a claustrophobic space. The unfortunate irony here is that anyone can barge in, therefore doubling a child’s anxiety when using toilet facilities. 

And really, this shouldn’t be acceptable in schools. Fortunately enough, external door lock releases have got schools covered; if a student is stuck in a toilet then the relevant staff member can release the door to grant access to the locked-in student.

Get the grout right  

There’s nothing worse than the unsightly build-up of black-spotted bacteria against a clean white grout. Whilst these pesky blots can be more manageable in your own bathroom, it can be slightly trickier to control the visual build-up in large washroom facilities.

Grey grout provides a positive solution to prevent the glaringly-obvious black spots. Available in both lighter and darker shades of grey, grey grout ensures dirt and spotting is kept to a complete minimum, so school washrooms maintain their clean and user-friendly image.

Unfloodable troughs

With all the hustle and bustle going on in school toilets, some children simply forget to turn off the taps. With reams and reams of water emerging from the taps, and no sign of the flow ever stopping, a basin goes from a small sink to something rivalling Niagara Falls.

All this water waste is unnecessary, and no least a complete drain on a school’s water bills. Combined with the sensor-taps mentioned above, unfloodable troughs are able to eliminate water flow and, therefore, potential flooding. Flooding can be serious both on the short and long term, so it is best to invest in deep troughs which prevent the overflow of water.

The four suggestions presented above offer a few helpful suggestions to ensure your school toilets excel. Student and teacher safety is fundamental in schools, therefore it is incredibly important to create spaces which both look and feel good to use. Follow the mantra, ‘Grade-A toilets = Grade-A students’, and see how beneficial your washrooms become to your school’s inhabitants.


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