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Interfix Support 2018’s Save Lives: Clean your hands Campaign

Taking place on 5th May each year, Save Lives: Clean Your Hands is a WHO campaign raising awareness on hand hygiene in healthcare environments. The initiative draws attention to how inadequate hand sanitation affects millions of people visiting or staying in hospitals across the globe. As washroom specialists, Interfix is proud to support this scheme which makes important calls to action on hand cleanliness globally.

Although the initiative pertains to the healthcare sector, the strategy is still relevant to other public and private spaces, including office, leisure and education areas, especially as appropriate hand hygiene ensures a safe, happy and productive environment. We should always feel comfortable educating ourselves on hand hygiene, where initiatives such as Save Lives: Clean Your Hands are great examples of raising awareness on an overlooked topic.

So what can public environments learn from this initiative? And how does washroom cleanliness impact our handwashing? Georgina Saunderson, Sales Support Executive at Interfix, says: “There is a huge correlation between clean washrooms and good hand hygiene. Fresh, clean and new facilities are more inviting for people to use, meaning that effective maintenance of washroom facilities is fundamental to proper hand sanitation.”

It goes without saying that a well-presented washroom = good hand hygiene. To ensure your company’s washroom is primed and equipped to tackle the beastliest of germs, here are some key tips:

Sensor-operated taps

These taps guarantee efficient and hygienic hand washing. Taps automatically turn off with the help of sensor-technology, minimising water waste.

Correct hygiene products (aka soaps) to use

Having the right soap products makes a difference to routine handwashing. Well-presented, clean soaps are more inviting; particularly ones which do not cause skin irritation.

Attractive facilities

Broken hand dryers and the absence of paper towels make for an extremely uninviting washroom environment. Moreover, if there aren’t enough hand washing facilities, people just will not waste their time. Keep washrooms updated, furnished and well-stocked so hand cleanliness isn’t compromised.

Every office, education or leisure facility should be aware of these factors to provide a germ-free space for all to use safely. We use our hands to work and eat with; they are a huge part of our day-to-day function, so hand cleanliness needs to be a key priority in the workplace. By acting upon the factors listed above, schools and offices ensure complete hand cleanliness from all angles. We should be practicing good hand hygiene every day – so use this year’s Save Lives: Clean Your Hands day to help your company make that commitment.      

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