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Making showers at work the norm for white collar cyclists

Obesity has slowly been increasing in recent years with new figures revealing 58% of women and 65% of men are overweight or obese. With societies health changing over the last few years, and new year just around the corner, it makes sense that people are looking for new ways to fit exercise into their busy working lives. Experts predict that some 750,000 people choose to cycle to work each day and that number is growing. White collar cyclists, as they are known, are now becoming the norm, particularly in larger towns and cities.

However, while we may be turning into a more health conscious nation, it is a trend that is doing little for the office environment. Even the most sedate cyclist is going to work up a sweat on the way to work – and when they arrive, the first thing that most of them want is a good shower. A recent survey revealed that showers are the most sought-after workplace facility with lockers second and safe cycle storage being a close third.

However many offices do not have showers and employers do not have a legal right to provide them unless they are involved in hazardous or particularly dirty work where such facilities come under health and safety or duty of care regulations.

More and more employers are responding to the cycling boom and like the idea that their workforce is fitter and happier when they exercise more.

Statistics show that staff who cycle to work take fewer sick days and become more involved with what they are doing, so installing a shower ensures a quick pay back in terms of increased productivity as well as a fresher atmosphere. This is providing a higher demand for new shower facilities to be installed in conventional washrooms and in some cases in especially built cycle park areas where staff can leave their bikes, shower and be refreshed and ready for a day’s work.

Certainly, the trend to cycle more shows no sign of slowing up. Commuting by bike has increased by 17 per cent in the past ten years, an increase of 110,000 on 2001.

Local councils are being encouraged to make Britain’s streets world leaders for commuting cyclists by investing in better cycle lanes, bike parking and interconnected routes and this is adding to the trend.

As examples, Brighton has experienced an increase of 118 per cent and decline in car use. Cycling has doubled in Bristol over the last 10 years and Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield all had increases of nearly 90 per cent.

With the populations health constantly in the spotlight white collar cyclists are only going to increase. It is therefore important employees recognise the growing trend, the benefits of it and start to accommodate it.

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