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Specialist Student Washroom Design Can Benefit World Outside Of The Classroom

For an indication on how the world has changed – for the better, hopefully – let’s consider the evolution of the common or garden school washroom. It wasn’t so long ago toilet facilities were designed on a ‘one size fits all’ basis – what was good enough for adults was deemed more than suitable for children. And so washrooms were created without mind or regard to youngsters’ needs, leading to sanitary environments that were unclean, unwelcoming, and in some cases, dangerous to use.

It’s incredible to think that it’s only until relatively recently, it seems, school washroom design has been taken as seriously as say the layout of a classroom or canteen. Well-appointed toilets and hygiene facilities are vital to upholding a child’s comfort and wellbeing in an educational environment. To that end, washroom design and fit-out specialists such as Interfix have listened to research, and in conjunction with schools, applied their own expert knowledge and opinion to devise toilets that are safe, clean, durable and improve the user experience for the betterment of the whole school.

In terms of preventing germ population and spread, the introduction of sensor taps in student school toilets provides an excellent aide. It’s also good for the environment, saving water that might otherwise be wasted due to taps inadvertently being left running. Anti-slip flooring is another commonplace addition in washroom refurbishment. This not only reduces the risk of a child falling and hurting themselves and potentially losing vital learning time, it negates the possibility of a costly compensation claim against a school or local authority which is already likely to be feeling the pinch with regard to funding. Cubicle doors, which should be of solid-grade laminate for durability purposes and to deter vandals, are also safer for users when locks can be opened from the outside in case of an emergency. Many schools have also adopted a unisex approach to toilet use. This has proven to reduce acts of bullying in washrooms, with pre-teen students found to be less-likely to loiter in mixed-gender sanitary areas as they become more self-conscious about their appearance.

Washrooms should never be a place where students fear to tread. The planning that goes into the building or refurbishment of these areas is a world away from the very basic provision that was deemed acceptable in years gone by. It is now understood that the cleanliness and safety of the school sanitary environment is paramount to our children’s education and welfare. Ultimately, their achievements in the classroom will benefit us all.



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