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The Benefits Of A Great Retail Washroom

A washroom can speak volumes to a potential customer about the business. The washroom can become an instant reflection of the companies values and culture, therefore it’s crucial that it accurately reflects the values of the company. If the toilets are in a state of disrepair and suffering from poor hygiene then it can negatively alter the perception of your company in the customer’s eyes.

An amazing washroom can create a tangible buzz, with people often sharing their experience with friends, online and through social media. This can help create additional awareness of the business. Here at Interfix we can help you create an extraordinary washroom experience for your customers. 

Community Toilet Scheme

With more than half of the UK’s public toilets being closed down within the last decade, finding a washroom is often becoming a very real problem for shoppers. This however, presents an opportunity to retailers. Opening their toilet facilities to the public gives the business an opportunity to increase footfall and advertise their services to customers who may not have already been aware of them Furthermore, opening your washroom facilities to the public can become a source of publicity. For example, the council in Mid Sussex openly praised four small retail outlets who had opened their toilets to the public, creating great publicity and an improved company image. 

More and more local councils are now appealing to retailers to open their toilet doors to the public, under The Community Toilet Scheme, which offers a financial incentive to do so.

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