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The Costs of Poor Washroom Facilities In The Workplace

To a business owner, staff is often their most valuable asset, and as such protecting your workforce from illness and infection should be of the highest priority. Office workers encounter over 10 million bacteria a day, this bacteria can often stay alive for almost three hours, it’s therefore essential that your workplace has a hygienic washroom with suitable washroom equipment to keep the chances of infection to a minimum.

It’s not just your staff’s health that is affected by poor washroom hygiene, it also becomes very costly for the business once workers are off sick for days at a time. Furthermore, with a poor washroom facility the illnesses are free to spread throughout the office leading to multiple workers all being absent from work at the same time. It has been reported that workplace sickness and long-term absence costs the UK approximately £100bn a year, not only does it cost the economy but it costs your business. 

Having a poorly maintained washroom can become a source of dissatisfaction for employees, likewise a well designed, hygienic and functional washroom can help promote a positive working environment. Employees will often take the state of their workplace washroom as a reflection for how much the company cares for its staff, and consequently a worker that feels they are cared for is more likely to stay at the company, thereby lowering labour turnover and reducing company costs.

It’s not just internal stakeholders that can be affected by a corporate washroom. A potential client’s perception of your business is likely to be affected if it encounters considerably poor washroom facilities. On the flip side a client who experiences an innovative and well maintained washroom is likely to project that positive experience on their perception of your business which can help lead to a positive outcome for your business.

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