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What Does Your Washroom Say About Your Business?

Every time you walk into a public washroom you make an instant judgement based on cleanliness, hygiene and general ambience – and if you don’t like what you see, it seems that it will colour your judgement about the organisation or the place that you are visiting.

Recent research in America suggested that up to 86% of people using public washrooms took the view that if toilet facilities were poor then other areas of the company that were not open to view had to be suspect.

This attitude was particularly true of restaurants and other food establishments for obvious reasons, but it seems that visitors make similar judgements whether it is a school, major company or shopping centre – poor washrooms result in a poor image.

It’s not only customers, poor toilet facilities impact badly on both staff and pupils at schools and employees at companies.

However, while such visitors may have once left a washroom quietly grumbling under their breath, in today’s digital age people are not quite as prepared to be that kind. Twitter and Facebook are full of poor washroom experiences and this enviably leads back to a drop in reputation for the company concerned.

It doesn’t matter who you are, we all have to use washrooms and it means that everyone has an opinion and once again – quoting research from the US – 75% of those that report a poor washroom experience will never return to that establishment or will always have a poor opinion of the company.

Understandably most people are worried about cleanliness. This is one of the main reasons for the rise in touchless fixtures, such as taps and soap dispenser, which are highly rated, especially in the minds of today’s health conscious end-users.

It also seems that after washing their hands, visitors go to great lengths to avoid germy touch points in the washroom with 60% of those surveyed in the US admitting to using a paper towel to avoid touching door handles, while 48% owned up to using their hip to open and close doors.

So take a good look at your washroom – whether you are a school, a shopping centre or a business – and be honest and ask yourself what is it saying about your organisation? You might get a bit of a shock.

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