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Why An Up To Date Washroom Plays A Key Role In Your Office

The office washroom isn’t perhaps the first thing you think about when it comes to being a great business with happy employees, or when you come to redesign, paint and decorate an office. But do you realise how much of an impact an out of date and grubby washroom can have on a workforce?

It can not only make staff feel uneasy about using the facilities but can also impact upon their morale and quality of work output.

It may only seem a small aspect of an office but one that has a significant effect on everyone that uses them, and it’s not just staff that it can have an impact upon.

If you hold client meetings, your clients will be using the facilities, and a clean, tidy and modern washroom will help to boost their faith in you, as washrooms can be an indicator of your team's culture and how you look after and respect staff.

Washrooms aren’t merely a place you go to, to do ‘your business’.

They are a place staff go to, to collect their thoughts if work becomes a little stressful, it can be a changing room and even a place to shower if need be, depending on the type of work done.

You wouldn’t expect a washroom facility to be old, dirty and uninviting when you use a restaurants facilities, and if it were, it would probably have a big part to play when you come to decide if you go back. Therefore the same mentality should be applied to the office washroom too.

By making the washroom a modern and comfortable place that is easily kept clean, with a more personal feel, will help to reduce the look and appeal of an ‘institutional’ workplace; something that is quickly becoming something of the past!

Workplaces and workspaces have evolved greatly through the years, so much so that some offices include a ball pit, a slide, quiet areas with comfortable sofas and pleasant artworks to view.

Gone are the days of plain white walls and cubed off office desks. Open plan offices, with bright coloured walls, fun decor and plants have all been proven to enhance the staff work potential while making the office environment a nicer place to be.

But for the whole package the nice environment needs to flow into meeting rooms, the kitchen, break area and of course, the washrooms.

A modern office with bright colours and a more laid back atmosphere doesn’t mean it isn’t an unprofessional environment, in fact, quite the opposite, as this modern design will show to your staff and clients that you want to look after them, and help improve their well being.

By including modern, clean toilet facilities that reflect the office, will also show and prove that your staff genuinely are your number one priority. And if you have a happy team, you’ll be provided with their best work, which helps the business to move positively forward, with the desired results.

Many old office washrooms will be the way they were when the offices were built, and are in much need of updating.

We’re not talking about a quick lick of paint and an updated mirror or hand drying facilities. We’re talking about ripping out the whole room and replacing everything. Plumbing, tiles, flooring, sinks, taps, toilets and cubicles, lighting and so on.

Colourful splashbacks and tiles, and modern taps, mirrors of various sizes, good quality lighting, clean new toilets with environmentally friendly flushes, and a clean, crisp floor can transform your washroom from boring, grubby and old, to fresh, clean and morale-boosting.

But above all else, a complete new washroom will help towards cleanliness and good hygiene.

For instance, people are less likely to leave it in a mess and to clear up after themselves, compared to when using an older washroom, especially those that are showing signs of wear and tear!

Paper towels can make way for new energy saving, quick-drying hand dryers, while the design and layout of the washroom may help improve the efficiency of the cleaners, and will give them somewhere nice to clean rather than dingy, out of date washrooms.

By providing something of a modern, classy and up to date bathroom you, in turn, are helping your staff to be more productive, and to make those few minutes of alone time less hostile, calming and inviting.

Here at the Interfix Group we have a full range of washroom designs for your office and are on hand to help you through the whole process of designing, creating and installing your glorious, new washrooms.

Why not have a look at our brochures to start your new washroom journey and if you have any questions, we’ll be more than happy to answer them.

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