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Bird & Bird – Washroom Refurbishment

Bird & Bird is an international law firm with a focus on helping organisations being changed by technology and the digital world. They contacted Interfix when they needed help re-constructing their shower cubicles.

Originally the cubicles were constructed from non-waterproof materials which had failed with the high-water content in the shower rooms. Therefore, the client needed to take drastic action and bring the shower area up to modern standards and in line with the rest of the high quality facilities.

Work commenced and the existing cubicle frontages were removed and replaced with full height solid grade laminate cubicles to withstand the high footfall whilst maintaining an appealing appearance. Solid grade laminate is a long-lasting material and provides ease of maintenance as well.

Not only were the existing cubicle frontages an issue for the client but also the floors had been laid incorrectly along with a poor shower enclosure design which meant that the shower water could run to the front of the cubicles. Interfix re-designed the shower layout which involved installing wall to wall shower doors to prevent the shower water escaping across the floor and causing the problems.

The floor and wall tiles did not fully run underneath the existing cubicle frontages which mean that filler pieces were required at short notice to cover these gaps, however our rapid service meant that these filler pieces were available in a very short space of time and the project could be completed.


“Very pleased with Interfix services. Great craftsmanship, good communication, genuine care and professionalism all around”

full height cubicles


Aspects Covered:

Full Height Velocity Cubicles, New Floor and Wall Tiling works.