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40 Argyll Street – Washroom Refurbishment

Our client at 40 Argyll Street, London had various issues with their existing WCs sensor flush. The sensor itself was positioned right in the centre above the WC pan which meant that when the lid was in the upright position, the WC flushed when the seat or lid was lifted, or someone approached the pan! Obviously, a major design fault on the previous contractor, so Interfix specified the Xerotouch WC sensor and flushing system which has the sensor located on the right-hand side of the WC pan and avoids the pan flushing until the user requests this action. The WC pans were installed on a back painted glass duct panel which meant that the panel required changing to accommodate the new sensor position. Interfix supplied and installed a colour sympathetic panel and also strengthened the WC subframe as the original frame allowed the WC pan to flex when in use.

By installing this problem-solving solution, it meant that not only did these works remove the continual leakage problem for the soil and flush pipe connections but also allowed simple ongoing access for future maintenance. The resulting remedy also meant that staff and clients alike were not continually frustrated by the incontrollable flushing that occurred when they were least expecting it!

The project had to be carried out in a fully occupied office in normal working hours, therefore the work was phase to minimise customer and staff inconvenience. Overall a very successful outcome and we were pleased to be able to find a solution!

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WC sensor flush


Aspects Covered:

Replacement of WC sensor flush.